Most Powerful And Ingenious Machines That You Need To See
  • 08.12.2023
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It's a machine that makes farmers happy. It's full of instruments that pioneers need. You can make good crops. After that, it's soil preparation. Within years the earth will show us the dust storms like on Mars due to these machines.

Our Selection Of The TOP 40 Biggest Machines In The World
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Well done and comprehensive video. The engineering and manufacture of the cranes have to be extremely meticulous, as in, equipment failure can cause major disasters, not to mention human error in the operation. Thanks for including The Big Muskie dragline, which was scrapped decades ago. It was an engineering marvel, in its day. The Liebherr Truck is what used to be the American comp- any WISEDA which stood for the first two letters of the inventors full name( William Seldon Davis). Baxter Springs, Kansas U.S.A. , was originally where the factory was . After purchase of the co. by Liebherr, the business was re- located to Newport News, Virginia, U.S.A.

Cool And Powerful Agriculture Machines That Are At Another Level
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Of course! Here's the translation of the information about powerful and advanced agricultural machinery: "Sure, the agricultural industry has evolved significantly into a tech-driven sector. Modern agricultural machinery is designed to enhance efficiency, reduce labor, and improve product quality. Here are some examples of powerful and impressive agricultural machines: 1. **Tractors:** Tractors, the cornerstone of agriculture, are used in various farming operations. Modern tractors come equipped with powerful engines, automated systems, and various attachments. Some are fitted with GPS and automatic steering systems. 2. **Combine Harvesters:** These machines are used for harvesting grains or other crops. Modern combine harvesters can work with automated systems to enhance productivity and optimize the harvesting process. 3. **Agricultural Drones:** Drones are increasingly used in agriculture. Agricultural drones serve various functions like field monitoring, irrigation control, and identifying plant diseases. 4. **Automated Irrigation Systems:** Irrigation systems equipped with sensors to measure soil moisture and plant water needs optimize water consumption and increase efficiency. 5. **Agricultural Robots:** Specifically designed robots handle certain agricultural tasks like automatic harvesting, weed control, or fertilization. 6. **Smart Farming Applications:** Data analytics and AI-based applications enhance decision-making processes in different agricultural aspects, improving productivity and enabling more effective resource utilization. These machines and technologies are continually being developed and utilized to make modern agriculture more efficient, sustainable, and profitable."

How to make slab stone with the most powerful machines
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Tab paving generally involves several steps: 1. **Preparing the Area:** Initially, you need to prepare the area where you want to lay the paving stones. It's important for the ground to be even. If needed, you can level the soil or existing surface. 2. **Gathering Materials:** Procure the paving stones and other necessary materials for the laying process. These may include stones, sand, gravel, cement, water, leveling tools, marking string, and a cutter (preferably a stone cutting machine). 3. **Laying the Stones:** - **Determining the Paving Pattern:** Plan the design and layout of the paving you want to create. - **Preparing the Base:** Prepare the lower layer of the ground with a mixture of sand and gravel. This layer establishes a stable base for the stones. - **Mixing Cement:** Prepare a mortar mix of cement and water in suitable proportions to lay beneath the stones. - **Placing the Stones:** Lay the stones on the prepared mortar. Arrange them evenly according to your desired pattern. - **Filling Gaps:** Use sand or specific filling materials to fill the gaps between the stones. This helps in stabilizing and securing the stones in place. - **Leveling Stones:** Use a leveling tool or device to even out the surface of the stones. This ensures that the upper surface of the stones is at the same level. 4. **Drying Process:** After the paving, allow sufficient time for the cement and mortar to dry completely. This duration can vary based on the type of cement and prevailing weather conditions. 5. **Final Steps:** Once dried, clean off any excess materials and remember to periodically clean and maintain your paved area. When laid correctly, paving stones can create a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface. However, for a smoother and more successful process, consider adhering to local construction regulations, following the instructions provided by the stone manufacturer, and seeking professional assistance if needed.

In The Middle Of Big City Workshop That Has Existed For More Than 55 Years Which is Hard To Believe
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Certainly! Here's the translation of the information about woodworking workshops into English: "Woodworking workshops are usually designed for people interested in working with wood and improving their woodworking skills. These workshops often teach various wood processing techniques such as wood cutting, carving, furniture making, and woodturning. Woodworking workshops cater to participants of all levels, from amateurs to professionals. The following topics are typically covered in these workshops: 1. **Wood Cutting and Processing:** Basic steps like correctly cutting, sizing, and preparing wood are taught. 2. **Carving and Wood Carving Art:** Wood carving techniques, especially intricate ones used for decorative purposes, are taught. 3. **Furniture Making:** Assembling wooden pieces to create furniture is explained. This can include different furniture pieces like tables, chairs, cabinets, and more. 4. **Woodturning:** Skills involving shaping wood on a lathe, used to create turned wooden items like vases, bowls, lamps, etc., are taught. 5. **Hand Tool Usage:** Proper use of hand tools for woodworking, such as saws, hammers, sanding tools, is taught. These workshops are usually led by instructors or master craftsmen. Participants can join to work on their own projects or complete specific projects set by the workshop. Woodworking workshops may also serve as places where woodworking-related materials and tools are sold. Participants can join these workshops to improve their craftsmanship skills, pick up a new hobby, or enhance their woodworking skills to a professional level."

I had to use rivets!
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Congratulations Pakita for your dexterity in always tidying up and repairing things. Hail pakita, girl you are really good at what you do, it was a professional job! How can a small piece of nothing be such a big hindrance to the proper functioning of a machine? more problem solved. goodnight and stay with God.

I find it strange that he doesn't warn you!
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Hail pakita, beauty, I really enjoyed seeing you checking the prince before hitting the roads again, it's really good to take care of your work tool, and you do it with mastery. All this care makes his work trips very pleasurable, it is as if the prince was regenerated on the first day of his life. Good morning and stay with GOD. Because these borachudo are eaten from the side and from the inside, is it bearing or is it the gravity point of the trailers that causes this? front eating outside is normal and eats a lot because hot asphalt hot tires enter gas stations that use a dirty and abrasive floor; Oil can be expensive but making an engine is not cheap or guaranteed today, be firm because after a holiday the body and mind go slowly, a big hug and a kiss my dear my passion good night and good rest

I had to ask to move the container!
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Another trip starting and for a change if you don't do that check beforehand it will be faulty, the good thing is that you know how and before the general one to travel more peacefully, comments I think should be about the video posted, and not by assumptions Good night pakita Back to work, more as usual, some BOs to sort out before continuing on the trip, and to keep from going out, the traffic is like that, it's the end of the year, it's very busy, be careful and with patience and calm you'll get there in Santarém, may God continue to bless and protect you always 🙏🙏🙏, stay with God and see you in the next chapter.

It almost exploded at the toll booth!
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Hello PRINCESS OF THE STEERING WHEEL, good evening. In the trepidation you told us not to fall, but as you must calculate when one falls, everyone goes down the cliff, because there are many of us and the space is small. But don't worry, no one fell, at least I didn't notice. lol. As for yesterday's words, I would like to make it very clear that for me, I just want you to be respected and sometimes that is lacking. There are people for whom education is not their specialty, but they should have a little respect for someone who has always been one of the most educated people I've ever seen. Knowing the politeness and respect you have for everyone and seeing some comments I feel very sad and angry. But do what??? The actions stay with those who carry them out. Receive a kiss with all the affection and respect. Kiss Kiss. Continue with God, my dear friend.

I realized too late!
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And today's lesson is: always pay attention to details... And always be prepared, because you don't know what can happen on these roads along the way! Anyway, I leave here my good night and a 😘😘 to Pakitinha, always Goodnight. Pakita, the camera position was pretty good, but you're looking to the side and back a lot to talk and it gets dangerous. Replace the cameras the way you always do, on the windshield facing you and the other facing the road. A hug.

Transporting The Huge Caterpillar 992G Wheel Loader
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This gives you a great perspective on the scale! I would have to think a 993 and 994 would have to be disassembled to move. Great video and thank you!! watching it being loaded I was quite apprehensive but watching the driver of the MAN truck shows how to do it - he pointed and steered it expertly - an awesome driver!

Caterpillar 6040 Excavator Loading Terex Dumpers And Operator View
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Getting a stable platform is difficult isn’t it. In the last/side-on part of the video, notice how, in some positions when he curls the bucket, the machine rocks a little, slightly off balance. Nice video..The biggest track-hoe I've been on was a Komatsu490, but it feels big when you're just loading triaxles. That thing definitely needs some grease. I can hear those pins and bushings screaming for some relief, lol

Disassembly And Transporting By Side The Huge Caterpillar 6015B
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Amazing how the trailer didn't break. Very strong. I thought the first trailer was what you were gonna use to transport the whole machine. Worried me for a moment. I thought it was going on little tri axle trailer !!!! Bloody heck , then saw it was just the bucket and front arm ,any ideas on weight of machine ? It's a big unit

Transporting The 125 Tones Liebherr 984 Excavator By Side
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I’m about a 1000% sure that trailer is rated for about 90 tons. I’m pretty careless with my loads and hauling. I get away with a lot that is questionable... but that was too far over loaded. Not so much that it’s dangerous. It’s always dangerous moving that kind of weight. It’s so much more so when you overload by 130% capacity. Impressive, but not wise I appreciate seeing a good operator using hydraulics properly in a tough situation. I believe I wound have wanted it tied down however they probably knew the terrain to be covered well enough that the operator felt better not being tied to the trailer if it slid off.