Horrible crashes due to stupid driver mistakes.
  • 15.08.2022
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Drivers using such heavy and dangerous machines should be very careful. Because no one has the right to risk their own or anyone else's life.

Incredible movements made by heavy equipment operators.
  • 15.08.2022
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In skillful hands, this technique will do the job and pull itself out of any hopeless situation. Most of the commercials are simply staged, where there is no risk to equipment and people. Not bad demonstrates the capabilities of this technique in critical situations.

Incredible truck, backhoe, bulldozer and excavator accidents.
  • 15.08.2022
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Video compilation of all heavy-duty machinery and truck driver errors and accidents. Some accidents you won't believe.

Mass takeoff of the US Air Force's F-35A Lightning II in Alaska.
  • 15.08.2022
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Los f-35 tienen un sistema de alerta temprana a kilometros, asegun si se llegara algun enemigo a querer atacar alaska ayi para invadirla deberia pasar sobre los f-35 y los subamarinos nucleares de la clase ohio que es super destructora, es impsible llegar ayi sin antes ser detectado en mar tierra y agua

Luxury boat accidents.
  • 15.08.2022
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I'm going to share the secret of backing up a trailer with all of you: push the bottom of the steering wheel the direction you want the trailer to go. Combine that skill with two rules of thumb and you're good to go: 1) Always anticipate where you want to go; turning the trailer takes time, and 2) take your time; no shame in pulling forward just a few feet to straighten out a mistake.

The new generation fighter aircraft of the USA.
  • 15.08.2022
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NASA's new X-59 supersonic jet arrived at Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works facility in Palmdale this month for assembly ahead of an expected flight test this year. NASA's X-59 is designed to fly at supersonic speeds without making sonic booms. Instead, due to its shape, it is expected to produce quieter sonic "thumps" that are barely audible on the ground. Dubbed the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology (QueSST), the aircraft had to be transported to Texas for a series of key structural tests designed to expose the aircraft to minor and extreme stresses.

Manufacturing of a truck brake drums
  • 07.08.2022
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That is really sad to watch. Imagine having to work under such conditions, handling melting metal in flip-flops. Consequences of such beautiful work may include nasty injuries, lung cancer and loss of vision, just to name a few. Ignorance and corruption at political level in India is incredible.

Watch the world's dumbest drivers.
  • 07.08.2022
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Dangerous construction equipment and truck drivers must be very careful at all times. But these drivers, who appear in the video, are not only putting their own lives at risk, but also the lives of others. These jobs really require a lot of attention and experience.

Fatal mistakes made by drivers of extremely dangerous large construction equipment.
  • 07.08.2022
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2 trucks was enough, this people risk their lives so they can survive yet this companies don’t care at all. All they care about is about making money, there they los 3 trucks and 3 loads of straws thank GOD that the drivers got out of the trucks, im not a professional in this and i saw that 3 trucks was too much, I hope next time they take safety measures, THIS IS CRAZY, VERY UNSAFE, things like this usually happens in poor countries,i just hope in GOD the guys were saved, Miracles do happen and GOD is ALLMIGHTY, ive seen his hand at work

Extremely powerful and dangerous construction equipment skills.
  • 07.08.2022
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It is because they do not understand that such wonderful huge machines were created by a creative engineering genius to help a person to facilitate huge labor-intensive work, for example, in the construction of hydroelectric power plants. when digging canals like coal mines, Panama, when you need to move, load, transport large masses of soil, coal and other cargo. These machines help get the job done faster and save a lot of time, and as Americans say, time is money. Glory and glory to the creators of these amazing huge machines!!!! If such equipment was available when the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station was built, then 5, say, not a year, but 1 or 2 years. I really like Caterpillar, one of the American companies that produces this type of equipment. The diesel engines of this company are super: powerful, economical and pull very well uphill even in direct 5th gear when the bus explodes from the passengers.

How many submarines does each country have?
  • 07.08.2022
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Fleet count is insignificant considering the firepower each sub brings to the table. There are 14 Ohio class SSBN's in the US sub fleet. 1 sub can carry 24 Trident II missiles. Each missile can carry up to 8 W88 or 14 W76 warheads in a non treaty limited MIRV package. One sub can annihilate a country.

Let's get to know the US nuclear submarine.
  • 07.08.2022
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The overall number of both Trident subs and their nuclear-warhead missiles initially deployed has been cut back in the last 15 or so years as the boats' missions have been modified to some beyond nuclear launch, replaced by conventional cruise missiles. Or some missile tubes have been designated as subject to modification in order to serve as 'launch' pads for SEAL-type infiltration mission teams. The fewer subs to track, the more assets adversaries like Russia/China will have to look for and perhaps find the remainder, by default. The fewer missiles available to launch, the fewer that Russian/Chinese anti-missile defenses will have to contend with. Plus, the Tridents were never intended or built as first-strike weapons against hardened land-based ICBM sites---just like their Minuteman counterparts. So in the aggregate, the original deterrent value has been reduced to an extent that it is increasingly marginal. Likely still the strongest, most capable part of the overall U.S. deterrent, but a reduction in force has not helped.

State-of-the-art military equipment of the US Navy.
  • 07.08.2022
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So when your editor asks you to choose the Navy’s five most lethal weapons systems, your most difficult challenge is trying to narrow it down to just five selections. For this article, I bypassed the larger platforms such as the aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships. To be sure, those are actually the most lethal weapons in the Navy’s arsenal, however, everybody knows them, and, as big platforms, they are actually the sum of many smaller ones. Instead, I wanted to highlight platforms that were outstanding in some particular way, with an emphasis on the biggest bang for the buck. I also wanted to spread out the selection; it’s easy to merely include surface ships and submarines, ignoring aircraft and certain missions. Before proceeding, it’s worth noting that the Navy is currently on the cusp of a technological revolution, with new ships, fighters, radars, lasers, railguns, and unmanned systems on the horizon. In ten years, a repeat of this list may look very different.

F-35 Lightning super fighter.
  • 07.08.2022
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My goodness these things are a marvel of engineering. Anyone who's has stuck their hand out a car at 60 mph knows how the wind wants to take it back, imagine sticking ur hand out at mach 2? It will take off your whole arm. My point it is that cover that rises over the top the heck dose that thing stays on with two small rods on each side without bending it straight back and away? Amazing! Same goes for those DC 9 I think, the ones that have the clam reversesers on the end of the engines. How in the world do those things don't come off landing at nearly 170 mph? With only two two bending flat parts held together by a small bolt. I know theirs gotta be more too it but it's still amazes me.