Digger who fell into deep water is rescued.
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Komatsu entered the compact excavator market in the mid-1990s. The company's compact excavators have many of the same features as Komatsu's larger excavators with the same built-in reliability and quality, including steel castings in high-stress areas such as the boom stand. Additionally, design improvements meet customer needs such as a dozer blade for backfilling and auxiliary hydraulics to power the work tools. Komatsu currently offers six excavators in 0-8 metric ton size classes. All Komatsu compact excavators meet Tier 4 Final requirements without the use of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and the need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The smallest excavator is the PC30MR-5 and the largest is the PC88MR-10. Smaller machines (PC30MR-5 and PC35MR-5) are extremely versatile due to their light weight, sufficient power and a wide range of attachments available through OEMs such as Werk-Brau. In the 4 to 5 metric ton size class, the PC45MR-5 and PC55MR-5 offer a two-post system along with features rarely found in compact equipment such as KOMTRAX equipment monitoring, automatic idle shutdown and economy modes. The ROPS canopy provides class-leading visibility. For harsher climates there is a cab option with provisions for climate control, defroster and radio. All four machines are designed to outperform the competition in applications ranging from landscaping and utilities to general construction work.

A compilation of accidental machine operator errors.
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Heavy equipment or heavy machinery refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations or other large construction tasks. Heavy equipment usually comprises five equipment systems: implementation, traction, structure, power train, control and information. Heavy equipment has been used since at least the 1st century BCE when the ancient Roman engineer Vitruvius described a crane in De architectura when it was powered via human or animal labor. Heavy equipment functions through the mechanical advantage of a simple machine, the ratio between input force applied and force exerted is multiplied, making tasks which could take hundreds of people and weeks of labor without heavy equipment far less intensive in nature. Some equipment uses hydraulic drives as a primary source of motion. The term "plant" is used to refer to any mobile type of heavy machinery.

The straw baler is breaking down and the pretty girl is fixing it.
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You get 10 thumbs up from me cause you don't give up and changing a tire on anything is a chore in its self so great job. Hope you can get it done before the rain. Keep up the great videos

Diary of the beautiful woman's wheat harvest.
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Your father is right if that was a 7700. It was COOL back around 1977. IH Axial flow combines were major competitors around then. Drought is accelerating plants' development. Some may be ready to harvest in two weeks. Love what you do...very unusual for many coastal cities to see..Thankyou for making my day!

Beautiful driver getting on ferry with truck.
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I really like you, your way, accent, and the fun and humorous way of dealing with the bad weather of life. With all due respect, I think you're a beautiful and incredible woman and when you smile I want to pinch your cheeks (lol) you're very cute. You're naturally beautiful and don't even need painting, because you are the painting itself. of great value, respect and admiration, use it wisely and prudently, and for your own benefit to acquire respect and equality, making it a great virtue, and do not use it in the wrong way, so as not to make it a great defect. is critical ) but a tip from this humble fan of yours who has a lot of admiration, affection and respect. to mean people, without creativity and without content, because nowadays we need unity.

Nice truck driver's lunch break on the way.
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Hello Sheila how are you? I want to congratulate you in particular and to all truck drivers in our country, you are all true warriors and should be treated by all of us as heroes, here is my respect and admiration for everyone in the category, be a truck driver , truck, stump, cargo or passengers, anyway to all of you, thank you very much for everything!!! The good people are with you, may God continue to bless your lives and all your

Grader pulls the truck stuck in the mud.
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I used to be a truck driver. It's just like that, any climb when it's wet the cart slips and only the motor grader can pull it, even more so as the horse is driven by a single axle. This same situation has happened to me.

My name is work, last name, overtime!
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Good Night Pakita, the title really fits the character, you are a hard worker, I admire the way you face work always with joy, even in difficult times, I really admire your work and your videos, you are a multiplying person, I can be sure, you motivate many people, congratulations on this one posture big hug

Will the excavator stuck in the swamp get out unaided?
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Easy to say it never should have been in there, but what a pleasure to watch someone with that kind of skill: there was one way to get it out, and he did exactly what he needed to do. Having watched other videos of excavators stuck in that type of mucky clay, this operator may not have been an extrication expert, but he eventually found a combination of maneuvers that got him out.

Top Dangerous Idiots Heavy Equipment Excavator Working Fails Compilation
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if the boss / construction kmanager orders you to dig in mud. and you still move your excavator.....thats a win

The most dangerous crane and excavator compilation.
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I hope the guy in the cabin that fell with the excavator from the pontoon was able to get out safely ūüėĪ It's important to remember that safety should always be the top priority when operating heavy equipment, as accidents like this can be very dangerous. It's fortunate that we can learn from these fails and work to prevent them in the future. Stay safe out there, everyone!

Beautiful women driving tractor and combine harvester.
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Congratulations to the engineers who are increasingly evolving agricultural machinery for the better!

ASMR Pretty Girl Tractor Driver Farm Silage Grain Harvest Hay Bale Harrow Harvester John Deere
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It is great for humanity that women have recently turned to agriculture. Do you really think they are as productive as men?

Truck ride with two beautiful women.
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I'm not even going to talk about beauty, but about her humility, humanity, care and zeal in her behavior, we don't see her in confusions and humiliations... keep on provoking us subtly, which sometimes seems to be innocent hehehhe. congratulations for your success!