Operations that could be extremely dangerous.
  • 27.06.2022
  • 65983

I watched a few videos like this. I was amazed by the composure, courage and skill of the drivers. When faced with unimaginable driving challenges, they achieve unique feats. Complete admiration. Especially for drivers in Russia, South America and some countries that just act like Heroes due to road conditions as well as ground relief due to climate. These videos should be watched and watched by the whole world

Skills for docking the ship.
  • 27.06.2022
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The thing about running a big ship onto the beach for scrapping is there is no second chance, they are coming in under full power and with no ballast so they don't steer normally and they are slotting them into a very narrow gap. Nice jobs all 5 of them.

8 planes take off in 8 minutes in a row.
  • 27.06.2022
  • 573

8 Planes take-off in almost 8 minutes non-stop at Mumbai International Airport Firstly wishing everyone a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2021. I captured 8 back to back departures in just over 8 minutes time, at Mumbai International Airport. This is the morning rush hour where the ground traffic is at its peak. This is a bit unusual timing, where there were no landings and the Mumbai Atc cleared all 8 planes for departure in over 8 minutes time. Very well done by the Atc. The first departure starts after 2:00 min in the video.

Cutting, transporting and processing huge trees in modern sawmill.
  • 27.06.2022
  • 359

The head rig saw needs teeth on both sides of the blade, too many strokes made so it can cut in both directions with the right saw blade and it's easier on the hydraulics.

B-52H Stratofortress, flight preparation and takeoff.
  • 27.06.2022
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B-52H Stratofortress, assigned to the 2nd Bomb Wing, Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, take off from Morón Air Base, Spain, in support of Bomber Task Force Europe. US Air Force B-52H Stratofortress is loaded with munitions, bomber taskings are an essential part of the B-52 mission, in order to remain combat-ready pilots must be effective at dropping munitions. United States Armed Forces, U.S. Air Force, 2nd Bomb Wing, Senior Airman Daniel Hernandez, Tech. Sgt. Jael Laborn, Sgt. Jason Allred, Motorizado

5 incredibly creative inventions.
  • 27.06.2022
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Woodworking tool hand tool DIY tool lifehack homemade tools Genius idea metal works experiment DIY idea inventions etc Our Video is made who are not able to buy tools you can try to make by yourself only if you are experienced and know how to use the hand tools. But the videos which are experimental are only for entertainment and educational purpose only. So don't try this in your home. And if you're trying to make any of the tools make sure to wear safety gear and it will be at your own risk.

Are you ready to watch the construction process of the world's largest engine?
  • 27.06.2022
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All really fascinating, but the microchip embedded concrete-like material is the thing that stood out to me. Imagine being able to monitor the internal condition of structural components of high-risk uses like hydroelectric dams, the tunnels which are shown, water supplies, and even nuclear plants. Very cool.

Life saving tips from mechanics...
  • 27.06.2022
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So we put a super soft non ferris solder of some sort on 600 lb. Test Steel cable. Coulda just used some twine at that point. That bead will pull of so easy.

Worlds Largest Railway Construction Equipment Modern Technology, Awesome Powerful Railroad Machines
  • 22.06.2022
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This must be a quite expensive machine to replace human labor, and yet it seems to still require a army of men to operate it! Never the less, it is a amazing machine!

Extreme Engineering Machines Building The Most Amazing Megastructures
  • 22.06.2022
  • 2006

I love large scale Projects! Admire these incredible engineering marvels.

The most powerful saw in the world. There's nothing he can't cut.
  • 22.06.2022
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In this episode, we are breaking out the worlds most powerful chainsaw. The Stihl MS 881 Magnum. This chainsaw is an absolute beast! Watch us learn and use it for the first time to make some beautiful oak cookie slabs! We are very excited to add it to our family of Stihl Chainsaws!

Safari 400 Helicopter take off. Influential.
  • 22.06.2022
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While doing the walkround move the blades to the 3 and 9 o’clock position. Then you know the blade tie-down is off and will save yourself a truckload of cash for a new engine/clutch. Tidy machine. Ignore the commentators who do not understand oil/cylinder head temperatures.

Inside The World's Only Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner!
  • 22.06.2022
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Very nice, I can remember climbing those many steps to get to the front door many times, of the 787 when it was undergoing testing in flight test, this private one is different from the commercial aircraft but equally an outstanding aircraft

Incredible warplanes.
  • 22.06.2022
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They look cool, are incredibly fast, extremely expensive and flown by the best and most courageous pilots in the world. Fighter jets belong to every powerful air force, but especially Russia, China and the U.S. attach great importance to these machines. Russia alone has a lot more fighter jets than Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Turkey combined. And today we'll take a look at the best fighter jets in the world.